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Lamissah La-Shontae • Age 14 • Thurs 14.10.2021 Hi Everyone... Hope your all well.. 🙏🏽 Just wanted to let you all know .. I just got my Covid-19 Vaccine ✅ 14/10/2021 I know they is alot of you out their worried, scared and nervous. That's ok to be ... I was nervous too, but I honestly didn't feel anything at all and my arm just aches .. but I'm so glad I have had it .. and truly eternally thankful to my school SHUTTLEWORTH College and NHS England and NHS Improvement World Health Organization (WHO) For giving me this protection to not only protect myself but everyone else too ... Feeling Thankful and Blessed 🧡💙💚 #covidvacccine2021 #lamissahlashontae


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