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 *Lamissah is 14 years old

* Lamissah's Zodiac sign is Virgo

* Lamissah and her Maternal Grandmother share the same birthday 

* Lamissah is sometimes called Misa as a nickname

*  Lamissah has 3 different colours to her eyes outer colour is grey then blue then green 

*  Lamissah is Mixed Race .. British and Asian 

*  Lamissah has 4 siblings .. 3 elder brothers and 1 younger brother 

*  Lamissah is the first girl to be born on her paternal side of the family after 55 years as all babies born until her arrival was all boys 

*  Lamissah loves all subjects in school but her favourites are PE, Art, History and English

*  Lamissah is Left handed 

*  Lamissah enjoys reading and writing but has a special interest in Script Writing

*  Lamissah's favourite holidays are Halloween and Christmas

* Lamissah's favourite colour is Periwinkle

*  Lamissah loves the Horror, Thriller and Sci-Fi Genre

*  Lamissah loves recreating Horror movie magic moments  

*  Lamissah favourite brands include Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Nike & Pretty Little Thing 

*  Lamissah's favourite animal is a Koala Bear

* Lamissah's favourite pet animals are Doberman and Pit Bull Dogs

* If Lamissah could go anywhere in the world she would love to travel to the Maldives

*  Lamissah has a pet dog frenchie named Honcho

*  Lamissah loves to cook and bake at home

* Lamissah's favourite food is Spaghetti Bolognese

* Lamissah's favourite drink is Mango Bubble Slush

*  Lamissah's favourite movie is Escape Room 

* Lamissah's favourite cartoon is Spongebob

*  Lamissah's favourite Chocolate is Cadbury Crunchie

*  Lamissah's favourite crisps are Sensations

*  Lamissah's favourite Tangtastics

*  Lamissah's favourite desert is Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough 

*  Lamissah has braces

*  Lamissah's dream car is a Range Rover Sport SVR in Black

*  Lamissah is inspired by actress's Sandra Bullock and Jodelle Ferland

*  Lamissah enjoys doing her makeup and loves the brand MORPHE


*  Lamissah loves helping others and loves charity work

*  Lamissah thinks all her fans followers and supporters are amazing and she loves reading messages online social networking 

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