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Born on 11th September 2007, in Burnley Lancashire in England, Lamissah La-Shontae was the fourth child to three elder brothers.

The beautiful name Lamissah was chosen by her mother at a young age as she long waited for it to be used. Several years later, the family was blessed with a little girl who would grow to shine.
Lamissah went to nursery in Lancashire from age three where she evidently showed signs of being a real bright child reading from a young age of two.


Having been scouted as a baby model after a photo shoot for worldwide baby brand Mothercare, Lamissah was recognised by a model agency who offered to manage her. However, this was not pursued at that time as her mother felt she was too young and the timing was right.  Nonetheless, their was clearly no stopping Lamissah as her passion for being in front of the camera grew as her dedication and dream in becoming an actress and model was soon to become a reality.
Lamissah La-Shontae started primary school at the age of four and was acknowledged for being a bright child in all subjects, and was classed on the gifted and talented register.  Lamissah also enjoyed performing in school plays, playing several musical instruments and singing in the choir.
The school soon discovered her passion and determination for acting and modelling. It was then with their support and backing that her parents decided to find the best agency to represent Lamissah. It remained important to her parents that Lamissah's education was priority and that the support from the school was available.

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Several offer were made by agencies in what is a very competitive industry. At the age of 7, Lamissah was signed to a reputable modelling and casting agency and has been very fortunate and blessed with a steady flow of commercial work.


Lamissah decides on the work she takes on with clients always showing great interest and staying in full control which her parents believe is extremely important.
Her passion for modelling and acting and for her to be able to follow her dream has become rewarding in many ways. It is what Lamissha was born to do and she is continuously learning each day on how to better herself to reach her full potential as she continues on her journey working with famous brands across the industry world-wide.

Lamissah has had a proud role involved in her charity work over the years in her ambassador roles and fundraising events for many organisations including Alzheimer's Society, Dementia UK, Child Diabetic UK, Ronald Mc Donald House, Rainbow Child Foundation, Macmillan Nurses, Help The Heroes, Marie Curie and NSPCC. Lamissah continues to raise awareness and provide her key part in charity fundraising!

Lamissah La-Shontae is a dedicated, hard-working, determined, self driven and selfless girl who is a fantastic role model for young kids and teenagers.

She has also touched the hearts of many adults world-wide who see her as a true inspiration.
Still at at early age, there is much more that Lamissah La-Shontae will be bringing to the world of entertainment.


Watch this space...

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