Lamissah has enjoyed the Dark Side for the past few years of her experience in the entertainment industry, working with Photographer Dani Geddes she has had the fun experience of being apart of Movie Magic series which focuses on various film inspirations for stills photography, Recently the projects have been made into books and even behind the scenes videos to bring the spooky side to life. In the past year Lamissah has began her development into Acting and has worked on a number of film projects within her favourite genre. We created this page to share the work, the love and passion from various inspired projects on the dark side Above you will see a gallery of videos that shares some of Lamissahs work, behind the scenes and fan videos all inspired by the genre. Although Lamissah is only 10 we hope the videos help you see her true love for what she is able to experience, Lamissah is thankful to Dani and her wild imagination for bringing these to life for her to enjoy and every Director along the way who has given her the chance to further exploring her acting with their film focus.


“the chosen one"



are we dead yet?"


the return""


the unthinkable""