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Lamissah La-Shontae BCA Filming Secret Project with Peter Andre Jamie Lomas and Director Fredi Nwaka

📽📺🎥🎬🎬 Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

It's Absolute honour and Privilege to Share .. I'm Having absolute Blast Onset Filming Phenomenal SECRET PROJECT with The Outstandingly Remarkably Super Incredibly Talented and Truly Inspirational Peter Andre WoW ⭐⭐⭐ Seriously the most loving, caring, selfless, attentive Soul .. Whom is Insanely talented beyond words ... Absolutely Love this Man with all my heart ❤️ i honestly Can't put into words and My Number1 The Spectacularly Mind blowingly talented Award Winning Director abd Truly special Fredi Nwaka 🙏🏽

🎬🎥📽📺 📍 #secretlocation #secretproject ❤️‍🔥🔥❤💯💥🌟 Having Absolute total Blast Onset Filming SECRET PROJECT 🤫 Truly honoured beyond words to be working alongside The Incredibly Phenomenally Amazingly Talented Jamie Lomas .. You guys know him better for his role as Warren from Hollyoaks ❤ WoW .. A true Inspiration and Role Model to The Filming Industry.. This man is an absolute Legend .. learnt so much from him.. and Absolutely love and adore him... Such a beautiful loving caring soul.. and so funny .. We had so much fun onset.. ❤ Truly blessed for every single opportunity working with the Spectacular Award Winning Director Fredi Kruga Nwaka 🙏🏽 Shout Out To HMUA • JoJo THAT'S A WRAP FOR ME... All Smiles Wrap Selfie 🤳 Thanks Peter.. you definitely take better Selfies than my mums pic's haha x Massive Shout Out To All Stella Spectacular Cast, Wardrobe and whole Crew x Had so much fun with everyone x Had absolute Blast #Onlocation #secretlocation Filming Secret Project with Spectacularly Talented Peter Andre .. Absolutely Love this Man with all my heart ❤️ Truly honoured, Privileged, humbled and Truly blessed to work alongside him .. Such an Inspiration... and Role Model 💕 learnt so much from him.. He's absolutely mesmerising onset.. Hollywood Here he comes!!! This Truly speman.. has a very special gift .. Off The Scale off the Hook.. Seriously Truly Phenomenally Spectacularly Remarkably Talented 💗 Massive Shout to My Number1 The Phenomenally Talented and Incredible Award Winning Director My Fredi Nwaka for always believing in me.. Always absolute privilege Beyond words working with him.. Family Forever.. He's like A Father Figure in the Industry for me.. Always right by my side no matter what .. x Thank you as always for every adventure together.. So much more to come from us together.. Love this truly special Man with all my Heart and Soul ❤ x He's actually 1 in a Million x 🌐 🌐 🌍


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