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Lamissah has done and still continues to do lots of charity work ..
She has fund raised for Natural Beauty Pageant which was charity based for Underprivileged children globally ..  THE RAINBOW CHILD FOUNDATION raising lots of funds as well as winning her Official Tittle of FACE OF THE GLOBES FIRST PRINCESS 2015 in Paris competing against 130 other girls from all over the world ... this was a combination of fund raising events and projects .. as well as Lamissah La-Shontae main priority that was Raising Awareness for the Charity. Also covering Media TV  Paper and Radio Postal and Leaflet awareness.
She is Globally the youngest fundraiser for Alzheimer's Society for Dementia UK after her beloved Grandfather passed away from the heart wrenching disease ... this sparked her passion to want to Raise Awareness for this disease and Fund Raise ... she has raised a substantial amount which will make a difference in supporting the charity but most importantly she has raised awareness around schools held conferences and meetings .. held massive events and truly still makes a big difference.
Lamissah La-Shontae also Fundraises for Terminally Ill children .. after the birth of her very poorly little brother she was subjected to seeing lots more than probably other children of her age would .. and his hospitalisation of long periods of time only made her more passionate to want to help ill children help with machines and awareness for rare conditions..  She still continues to donate time and days going into hospital to visit and read to ill children .. arranging parties and events .. and massive scale of fundraising for the charity .. all very much so children orientated projects a few to list are Sponsored Roller Skate Sponsored Run Sponsored walk swim and bike ride .. Spicy Food Cake Sales .. Cake Sale  Fancy Dress party.. Teddy Bears Picnic .. Fates and much more. 
Lamissah has held awareness with Mayor and Mayoress addressing council in the chambers .. as well as with the Local Constabulary and Fire fighters .. she has lots of support from local small businesses .. and with Large Food retails worldwide .. including Mc Donald's  and Super Markets  Asda and Tesco as well as Argos and many more ... 
Some of the charities Lamissah La-Shontae fund raises for and most importantly Raises Awareness are listed below
Alzheimer's Society
Dementia UK
Child Diabetic UK
Ronald Mc Donald House
Rainbow Child Foundation
Macmillan Nurses
Help The Heroes 
Marie Curie
 Lamissah also does talks in schools for pupils to understand that Police Constabulary are their to support and not to fear .. and she promotes children speaking up about bullying abuse and violence.

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